Your customers are looking for you right now
With Smartbuy they will find you on the Internet and then visit your physical store to experience the products. People still love personalized attention.
Join the digital age easily, you will be part of the future!

With Smartbuy, shops, no matter their size, can have their products and services listed on the Internet. It helps shops gain visibility among new customers, especially the digital natives.

  • The Smartbuy platform will be integrated to the store's inventory system, so it can show to potential customers information about the products, including availability, in real time. If the store does not have a digital inventory system, we will provide one!
  • Potential customers will benefit from the functionalities of eCommerce, being able to search products on the local stores' inventory systems through a centralized portal.
  • Customers' satisfaction and loyalty will increase, as they will have access to digital services from their local stores, saving time and money.


The digital era has changed the way we live and online shopping has become more common

Shops without digital presence will be at risk of losing sales opportunities and being left behind of the market opportunities related to digital transformation.

In order to keep up with the online shops, Small and Medium sized retailers should offer online services. However, people still enjoy physical shopping experiences!.

Smartbuy will help shops offer online services in an affordable way. Shops using Smarbuy will be able to reach more customers and increase their visibility and sales.

Smartbuy simplifies the digital transformation process that stores face, so they remain competitive while doing what they do best: providing personal and quality service to guests visiting the shop.

The Smartbuy project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 687960

Smartbuy is a product proposed in the framework of Information and Communication Technologies: H2020 - ICT-12-2015 Integrating experiments and facilities in FIRE+ Innovation actions.

The team managing Smartbuy Project is composed of highly experienced members from different European countries.

SMARTBUY intends to provide the technological infrastructure for small and medium sized retailers to become THE PLACE to buy for the people that don’t want to lose the advantages of in-store purchasing at the same time that they want to experiment the advantages of eCommerce; comparison of prices, choice of providers, reviews and specification awareness, etc. SMARTBUY will provide SMEs retailers with an integrated suite of services allowing them to apply the tactics that the big retailers are now using for offering an integrated digital and physical buying experience to customers SMARTBUY converts Smart Cities’ physical stores in a Smart geographically distributed mall by providing the logical consistency needed for conducting centralized searches in heterogeneous and geographically distributed physical stores.

Public deliverables: Del. 1.1.1 | Del. 5.1 | Del. 6.1 | Del. 6.2.1

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SMEs and Stores can participate in the validation of Smartbuy platform:

  • Participation is free of charge during the project
  • After its end, prices will be affordable. Stores participating in the project will be involved in the definition of the pricing strategy.
  • Stores may not have their own inventory system. We can provide it for them, free of charge.